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Designed for businesses, schools, universities, and educators to create an engaging and motivating learning environment.

  • Mini Courses
  • Programs
  • Gamification
  • Friendly Competition
  • Integrations
  • Rewards System
  • Simple Course Creation
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • AI Tools
  • Monetization for Educators
  • Leaderboards
  • And Many More

Eight Main Features You and Your Employees and Students Will Love ❤️

Explore how SkillsRace transforms learning and engagement with these key features.

Mini Courses

For Busy Schedules and the New Generation

Mini Courses provide an ideal learning solution for busy professionals and the new generation. These bite-sized, focused lessons fit seamlessly into any schedule, ensuring that continuous education is accessible and manageable for everyone.

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Gamification and Friendly Competition

Engage and Motivate Your Learners

Gamification and competition are key components that make the learning process fun and engaging. They are a great fit for everyone, whether a student or a professional. By integrating game-like elements and encouraging friendly rivalry, we transform education into an exciting and interactive experience.

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Integrations with Business and Education Tools

Seamless Integration for a Smooth Experience

Everything you need to enhance the educational process in your organization is here. Whether you require Slack, Discord, or specific tool integrations, we have it all. If we don't, we'll integrate it for you, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive experience tailored to your needs.

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Advanced Rewards System

Boost Motivation with Real Awards

Boost motivation by rewarding achievements with real awards. Easily integrate gift cards or your own branded prizes to recognize and celebrate success. With SkillsRace, incentivizing learning and performance has never been simpler.

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Simple Course Creation

Effortless Course Creation for Educators

We make not only the learning process simple and engaging but also course creation. With SkillsRace Studio, creating courses is straightforward and efficient, allowing you to develop high-quality educational content with ease.

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Knowledge Sharing

Foster a Collaborative Learning Environment

Gives everyone the opportunity to be a creator. This optional feature allows anyone to create mini courses and share them with colleagues and students through a simple moderation process. Foster a collaborative learning environment where knowledge is shared and everyone can contribute.

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AI Tools for Even Quicker Course Creation

Streamline the Content Creation Process

Time is invaluable. Our suite of AI tools allows you to create full mini courses quickly and effortlessly. Generate courses from PDF documents, YouTube videos, or even a short text, streamlining the content creation process and maximizing your efficiency.

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A Way to Earn from Every Student

Monetize Your Expertise with Ease

SkillsRace empowers educators to monetize their expertise by offering engaging content and effective learning experiences. With our platform, educators can charge payments from students, creating new revenue opportunities from past, current, and future learners.

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