The First Platform That Truly Motivates Learning

Imagine a platform that not only motivates your staff or students to learn and grow every day but also empowers them to share their knowledge.

Do Not Become Another Boring Company for Your Employees. Education Can Be Fun and Enjoyable.

SkillsRace redefines the traditional Learning Management System by cultivating an environment where learning is not just a requirement, but a dynamic, enjoyable experience. Our platform encourages a culture of enthusiasm and collaboration, ensuring that learning and sharing become integral and inspiring parts of your organizational culture.

  • Mini Courses for Quick Learning
  • Interactive Course Design
  • Enhanced Gamification Features
  • Advanced Rewards System
  • Slack Integration for Engagement
  • Simple Course Creation with AI

Gamification: A Key Feature, But Just One of Many!

At SkillsRace, gamification drives engagement, but it’s our diverse array of features that truly empowers employees to learn, grow, and share effectively.

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Everyone Is a Creator!

SkillsRace encourages employees to share their knowledge by creating mini-courses. With our platform, course creation is democratized—anyone can design a course. To maintain quality, managers pre-moderate these courses before they go live. It's simple: create, moderate, and publish!

Rewards Are Important!

A small reward can significantly boost motivation to learn and create. SkillsRace offers flexible reward options, allowing you to provide various gift cards to incentivize your employees. You have full control over the reward amounts and the achievements they are tied to—or you can choose not to use this feature at all. It's all about what works best for your organization.

  • airbnb


  • amazon


  • apple-itunes


  • google-play


  • spotify


  • playstation


  • uber


  • xbox


AI Is Here to Help!

Time is precious in business, and that's why we're dedicated to simplifying the course creation process as much as possible. SkillsRace harnesses powerful AI tools to help you quickly assemble full courses. With just a few clicks, you can create comprehensive learning materials in minutes, saving you time and effort.

Be Among the First 100!

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